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Your education is a valuable investment. Myers Field University offers high quality education at an affordable cost. We understand the earning a degree has become very difficult with the rising cost of education. Thus, we offer affordable online degree, diploma and certificate programs. Our online study format allows students to save costs effectively, as they don’t have to come to a certain location and purchase books. Online study materials are made available for the students with access to online library for further references.

Scholarship Grants Made Available

Scholarship Grants Made Available

  • More than 80% of postgraduate students who enrolled at Myers Field University during the year 2016-17 received scholarship grants worth $6 Million.

  • Freshmen students who enrolled for bachelors and master's degree program at our University received scholarship grants worth $11 Million.

  • +50%

As compared to 2015, the University increased the amount awarded to students in scholarship grants and through financial aid by almost 50 percent.

Simple & Hassle-Free Process to
Apply for Scholarship Program Online

  • Online Application

    Submit online admission application along with scholarship need mentioned. Also provide all the related documents as required by the University.

  • Application Review

    After verification of your documents, the scholarship committee reviews your application to confirm that your application matches the set criteria.

  • Scholarship Award Notification

    You will be notified through email and call about your scholarship award. If you are awarded the scholarship grants, one of our academic advisor will contact you for further proceedings.

  • Document Verification

    Once your application is received, all your academic and professional documents will be verified through our document verification team.

  • On-call Interview

    An on-class interview will be conducted by our scholarship committee member, in which you will be asked certain questions related to application and documents submitted prior.

  • Start Your Journey

    From here you can begin your journey to success by completing your selected program in chosen area of study.

Reviews from our scholarship recipients

My dream was to acquire an engineering degree in the field of electrical engineering, but I was only able to afford the admission and tuition for 1 semester. By the grace of Myers Field University’s scholarship program, my dream as come true. Today, I am an Electrical Engineering, and I further plan to pursue a postgraduate degree from this University.

  • Carmela D. Watkins

My words cannot express who much thankful I am for the scholarship award offered by Myers Field University. I am one of the fortunate students of Myers Field University to receive scholarship to complete my master’s degree program. Not only they help financially, but also care about my success and personal commitments.

  • Brain Scott

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