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When starting your higher education, your first concern will be about financing your degree program. Unless you have sufficient saving, you are likely to apply for financial assistance or scholarship from the university. Myers Field University’s active participation in financing your education makes it easy for you to complete your study and unleash career success.

Financial Aid Options

Financial Award

If you have done exceptionally well in your previous academic period, Myers Field University offers you financial aid based on those good grades.

Financial Award

Myers Field University offers this to deserving students to facilitate them in completion of their higher education. Although certain criteria has been set for this.

2 Easy

Students can choose to pay in two easy installments and receive some percentage of discount on complete tuition fee for the selected program.

Pay at
Once Discount

If you choose to pay all your tuition fee at once, the University offers you a huge discount.


Whether you have completed your certificate, diploma or degree program at Myers Field University and plan to pursue another higher degree from here, you will be able to receive alumni discount.


Educational and financial benefits for veterans and their family members to ensure their transition to academics is smooth and hassle-free.

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