Learn how the credit you have earned

Previously fits into your program of study.

We acknowledge your previously
earned credit and valuable experience.

Looking to transfer your previously earned credits from another university? If you have already complete a higher education level, you may be able to transfer this one to any of our program offered online. By availing credit transfer option, you will be able to reduce the number of credit hours/courses in your selected program. We only recognize the credit awarded by higher education institutions that are regional and internationally accredited.

How to Apply for Credit Transfer

  • Apply for Admission Online

    First step to transfer your credits is to apply through our online application area. Once you have submitted your application form, one of our admission advisor will contact you within next 24 hours.

  • Requirements for Credit Transfer

    Our admission advisor will tell you the details and requirements for credit transfer. Kindly note, credit transfer can be done only from regionally and internationally accredited institute.

  • Gather Supporting Documents

    You are now required to provide complete evidence of your previously completed courses or qualifications for which you would like to transfer credit.

  • Earn Credit Hours

    Once your documents are evaluated along with the admission application, you will be allocated credit hours accordingly. Credit hours may vary for each individual as it solely depends on prior academic study and experience.


Credit Transfer

During the academic year 2016-17, more than 62 percent students availed credit transfer option to save their time and cost.



Students from leading international universities applied for credit transfer at our University due to the self-paced study format.

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