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School of Performing Arts

Education in Performing Arts is very important. Performing Arts are considered the only professions that celebrate life. Arts can convey the strongest messages in the most effortless ways. Students of performing arts are equipped with knowledge, history and techniques of performing arts. School of performing arts helps individuals in finding their inner talent and polishing it in order to excel in their field.

What We Offer in the School of Performing Arts

Myers Field School of Performing Arts offers quality education in Performing Arts with its extraordinary degree, diploma and certificate programs. Programs offered by our school are not only acclaimed internationally by educators and employers but are also accredited by international accrediting councils. School of Performing Arts is equipped with an international faculty that is highly qualified and experienced. Our school has produced many professionals that are working of multinational organizations and Fortune200 companies.

Performing Arts Majors Offered

  • Music
  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
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