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School of Computer Science

Computer science is the study of theory, experimentation and engineering that forms the basis for the design and use of computers. You go through the course sequentially and consult external references as required. In this area of study, students require extensive knowledge and high level of expertise. The IT researchers and engineers must be capable of comprehending social and business trends as well as envisioning products, systems and services and the technologies required to make them a reality.

What We Offer in the School of Computer Science

Myers Field University's school of computer science equips the students with the most in-demand skills and competence, required to develop innovative products and applications in the IT industry. We ensure students learn to develop sustainable IT products and services that are in harmony with the people and society, students here learn to face new challenges of the 21st century by designing reliable IT solutions.

Computer Science Majors Offered

  • Telecommunications

  • Software Engineering

  • Web Development

  • Multimedia & Animation

  • Information Technology

  • Network Management

  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
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