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Undergraduate Diploma Programs

Undergraduate diploma at Myers Field University provides the students to preparation for a bachelor’s degree while for others it’s a qualification in its own right. Undergraduate Diploma provides the means for its undergraduates to aware a liberal education, an education that broadens the knowledge and awareness in each of the areas of human knowledge. The undergraduate diploma enables our students to build a degree tailored to their individual interests whether they have a background in the arts, sciences or a mixture of both.

Benefits of an online program

  • An academic advisor to help you reach your goals, from start to finish.

  • Tuition & fees are significantly lower than compared to other on-campus programs.

  • Flexible learning format includes part-time and full-time study options.

  • Fully accredited programs that meet the highest academic quality.

  • Online community of leaders, researchers, experts and professionals from various industries.

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