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Myers Field University is a passionate community of learners who come from across the world for a common purpose that is attainment of higher education. We share a connection with a students which lasts forever, even after graduation as we attribute high importance to long-lasting relationships with our alumni. Being a student at Myers Field is more than great memories and connections, it about support, giving, learning, mentoring, uplifting and shaping future of others also.


You can be a mentor for new students who are just entering the university to embark on a new journey. You can help them understand the programs, career options and opportunities in their field of choice.

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Think Career

You can collaborate with our career service department to arrange online sessions for students to help them think about career paths and opportunities. This will help them make confident decisions in every walk of life.

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Alumni Association

Our career support department offers career consultancy, job opportunities and mentoring options for alumni. We can also help you identify career opportunities in your region.

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